Another step towards the "conquest" of Europe.

18 September 2014 | News Transambiental

Just a year and a half ago we set in position-Transambiental us in Europe as carrier of industrial waste; that happened, whether or if, to achieve the demanding certificates from each country, to allow us to transport goods of this type, a complex and bureaucratic path towards European excellence that few Spanish companies have successfully traveled.


This brand vision involves not only get the legal authorizations necessary but involves giving high service satisfaction highly stringent markets and little given to improvisation and condescension.

If we "love" to Portugal, Italy, Sweden, and ultimately to Germany, it is now the Netherlands, through NIWO, foundation for quality of transport, who deposited Transambiental confidence and gives authorizations for transport, collection, trade and mediation in industrial or hazardous waste in the Netherlands.

This is the path we set out 18 months ago and this is the way we keep passing by, a degree of confidence that Europe gives us a market where many Spanish companies still have many niches to be discovered, and many services product offer.

These strategies have enabled Transambiental considerably increase the percentage of export of services, which allow us to end 2014 with full satisfaction and taking 2015 as the year of full internationalization of the brand, not to mention that the new European market we headed It is certainly one of the most demanding in the world in terms of excellence.

Next stop: UK, certifications of the UK market is a difficult challenge to get but now we have downhill; hopefully next October we can say loud and clear that this is also a market "conquered" by Transambiental;).

Your company operates in Europe ?, How do you see this market accessible complicated feasible ?, your opinion helps us a lot.

Greetings and good route.


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