Belgium, new country authorized to transport industrial waste

03 February 2015 | News of interest haulage road

More than two years ago we started our march for the conquest of the European market, as regards to the management and transportation of industrial wastes ago. The road has been long and hard but we have not stopped working and of course, we have continued to require us to be on the highway excellence.


Our goal as a company is not only get to meet the complex credentials that give us permission to practice good transport mediation in other countries, but we strive for integrity, commitment and responsibility to demonstrate that we have the most recognition countries of Western Europe.

In October you were explaining that, after much effort, we got the prized accreditation and worthy to enter the UK. Today we inform you that we have permission to exceed the borders of Belgium.

Thanks to the "Service Public de Wallonie", which is the main administration of the Walloon Region and therefore the Ministry of Equipment and Transport (MET) by, Transambiental is authorized to perform all kinds of transport, mediation or any operation of waste Belgian country point.

Thus, Transambiental makes another great leap towards the top of the excellence in the management of international freight, with the heads in the direct control of the daily operations of our services. Consequently, this year 2015 started with a good feeling, getting a valuable certificate and adds to Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden.

In short, we headed for a full year targets, a path we walk slowly ensuring the sustainability of our services, preserving the environment and helping the neighboring territories to obtain a unique quality.

Transambiental communication.

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