Development modifies the law governing transport infringements

12 May 2016 | Waste transport regulations

The Ministry of Development of Spain is currently working on the processing of a new Royal Decree to amend the law governing infringements of road transport. Thus, a list of all graduation and its corresponding set. In the event that the driver violates some of them, it could jeopardize its reputation and consequently lose the right to be able to continue to exercise the activity of road transport.

This update of the Spanish law, Law of Land Transport Ordinances passed in July 2013- by Royal Decree, is conditioned by the publication of the new European regulations published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 19 March. This new regulation complements the existing, the 107/2009, and as mentioned, the highlight is the inclusion of the requirement of good repute is essential not only for access to the profession of transport but also to maintain it . That is, to obtain the permit must have honor and shall have it for that activity. In this sense, the driver can see your activity if it is threatened their honor. Thus, the European Commission has established in the regulations a list of categories and their corresponding level of graduation of serious infringements as far as the transport is concerned, establishing how and when non - compliance can result in the loss of that requirement.

The objective of the amendment of the European regulation on transport is to improve road safety, contribute to fair competition between operators and to facilitate a common application in all European countries that encourage equality among them before this aspect.

It is planned that the Royal Decree, which would be adapted to the new European Regulation, is approved before the end of this current year 2016 and thus enter into force in January 2017. The amendment graduation infringements affect the following areas: driving and rest periods, working time, technical inspection of vehicles, tachographs and speed limiting device, transport of dangerous goods and market access transport. Since Transambiental will keep you informed about all things related to this regulatory amendment.

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