Differences between a boss and a leader

03 March 2016 | News of interest haulage road
Directing is an action that can develop in different ways. It is not the same to see the top as the head, with all the connotations that conlleva- to do as the leader. But what is the difference between a boss and a leader? What do you think? Lets go see it.


    1. The boss says "I , " the leader says "we."

The head has a view from above, vertical, making highlight the difference in rank between the worker and himself. Moreover, the leader feels part of the team, working closely with everyone. For example, if we talk about finishing a project for a specific date the boss would "have to finish the project before the end of the week", while the leader would "have to finish the project before the end of the week" .

  1. The boss inspires fear, the leader confidence.

The boss can take the worker does not meet its obligations and this is a point that are very sensitive. Instead, the leader is someone who will support the worker in case of not fulfilling its obligations and will do everything possible not to fire him. And, ultimately he directs the head while the leader guide.

  1. One seeks the culprit, the other solution.

In front of a problem, the boss often becomes angry and quickly find the culprit because of this difference that we mentioned range. However, the leader, as identified with the group, try to find the solution to the problem. In this sense, we could say that the boss wants to enhance its authority when the leader has a sense of cooperation.

  1. Order vs. teach.

Anything you say the boss is an order and must be enforced. The leader asks questions, worries about whether the worker is doing another task that can not stop halfway. The leader would be a closer person on a personal level and rather distant boss.

  1. The leader follows inspiration, the chief power.

The boss likes to feel the power of his rank and generally provides little known personal lives of their workers. Being a leader is to be a partner, details on the lives of workers and make them feel valued.

As you see, the difference between a boss and a leader is notorious. Notes and become the leader most highly valued company.

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