Distributing "holy water" fire.

19 August 2014 | News of interest haulage road

Jumped as Ecuador have already jumped the summer, at home, in Transambiental, we have made almost all holidays; It deserved time off in our case was partial; We never slept at all; but we returned with charged batteries and new projects in sight.

A hot summer but perhaps not as much as last year, but nevertheless has kept in mind the risk of forest fire, and he alerts the fire services in Spain, an organization that year after year sees that if urges an incident with the dreaded fire in our forests and plains are there to prevent and stifle it. And that, precisely, from Transambiental, once again we have played an important logistical role.
For the second consecutive year the company BUDENHEIM, developing all kinds of retardant halogen free flame, has told us.
One of the most important lines of BUDENHEIM is the forest fire retardants that each summer season to manufacture and distribute the forest air bases spread throughout the country; without this effective product we could hardly sleep peacefully in summer.
Under the requirements of this type of service, which requires maximum flexibility, reliability, speed and security once again has trusted BUDENHEIM Transambiental to make their distribution in the Spanish state.
Alberto Enfedaque, COO BUDENHEIM Iberian, as we predicted last year, after the first season hoping Transambiental, and let us witness in this little video in which he highlighted the good qualities of Transambiental for this type of service special.
Waiting for the satisfaction of our customers in this summer season you go through again, we wish you a end of August as it deserves, with good weather, night freshness and friends and, of course, zero risk of forest fires, to see if we can sleep quiet.

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