FENADISMER reporting fraud to become an entrepreneur transport

18 August 2016 | News of interest haulage road

The National Federation of Transport of Spain, FENADISMER denounces fraud in obtaining the title of carrier. The agency is concerned there are Spanish citizens and residents in Spain who visit other countries in the European Union where the requirements and knowledge to obtain such a license are less stringent and then use the permit in our country. Should this practice be facing a case of unfair competition.

Fenadismer has presented its concerns to the Ministry of Public Works, who will have the power to validate foreign qualifications and adapt to the Spanish system. It notes that the European regulation indicates that people who want to get the title of professional competence of transport must pass the exam in the country where they have their habitual residence, ie the place where they live at least 185 days per calendar year . However, it has been detected as many travel to countries where the exam for obtaining such a title is easier and less demanding in terms of knowledge. So, they travel to the country in question - Romania and Poland among the most frecuentados-, the title is removed and then returned to Spain to convalidarlo through the Ministry of Public Works. In addition, the fact that the authorities of the countries where the tests do not check that the person is resident in the country where it will perform the test, makes this practice becomes recurrent and remains practically unpunished.

But not only discussed carrier benefit from this fraudulent practice, whose title gives the professional competence to be an entrepreneur transport, but in the neighboring country found academic centers on the border between the two countries which offer specific classes for residents of Spain who want to get permission.

FENADISMER urges the Ministry of Public Works not validate diplomas obtained in other countries without checking whether it has met the requirement of habitual residence. In addition, the company says will file a formal complaint with the European Commission with the aim of eliminating these illegal actions in our country and those who welcome those who want to examine.

In Transambiental we agree with FENADISMER and we believe that the conditions for exercise of carrier entrepreneur in our country should be equal for everyone.

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