Green brand, natural daughter of environmental responsibility

29 September 2014 | News Transambiental

Let's talk about environmental responsibility. Of those who have, of those who may have, the matters on which rests this case, assume the advantages and disadvantages of ignoring it. Let's talk about nature and human society, because the stable equilibrium of both realities are the keys.


For environmental responsibility must understand the accountability on the ecological impact resulting from some human actions. A share, sometimes by simple omission. An impact that the laws and good practices get

forward, eliminating them as harmful factor or minimizing their consequences.

Since the 1972 Stockholm Conference established as a principle of environmental agreement that the polluter pays, much progress has been made. The rules of clean practices have been cloned in the DNA of the business. Yes, in a

almost naturally.

Increasingly, individual people, companies, institutions and even countries manage their resources, production and industrial and commercial activities with the application of clean technologies, sometimes in a simple and indirect way by adopting formulas freight Specialized dangerous.

Environmental responsibility is to do what is necessary to comply with law, to preserve the environment, air, nature and species, preserve it for future generations, reducing the presence or impact of human activity, restore

I lost introduce environmental costs in productive activity and to save as much energy as possible to efficiency.

Management formulas requiring higher outlays, that's true, but also added benefits as the reason that makes a green natural protection regulated consumer brand that identifies and assesses as positive.

Ignoring environmental responsibility in the circuits of management, production, handling, transport and storage is to keep closed a Pandora's box that it really random forces of nature will eventually open.

Green brand, natural daughter of environmental responsibility.


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