How to Marry a good service logistics

03 November 2014 | News of interest haulage road

The shuttle is for some companies the final leg of a production or services. If it is an external service, it is the leading customer for the product and it will be the public face of our company. Therefore, choose the best shipping company is vital.


We can go for the best price, take advantage of logistics, but if the product does not arrive in good condition or ensure alternative ways of managing orders, they may not fit our highest peaks in shipments or variations of our merchandise, we will give them too bad service. And that is paid to the competition taking our place.

So what we have in mind when choosing a good logistics company? What we set ourselves? Let's see how marrying a good logistics service and be happy to coexistence:

-Evaluemos Its transport fleet. Ensure that their vehicles comply with the requirements of temperature and size of all the goods that we send, but also the future and seasonal. An example, a fleet of isothermal vans can carry fruit and vegetables, but by no means fresh or frozen fish door to door. Let us also accounts with the distances to be covered by those vehicles and the time of year you need special transport.

-Fijémonos In the volume of shipments handled. A small logistics company will assume our shipments but maybe not if we have to share routes with historical privileges over our customers with shipments, schedules that do not suit us and we can not share routes. Listen to what your customers say, buceemos Internet to find relevant information about it and do the key questions. Let logistics company make us into value and not the opposite.

-Handling Shipments. Each sending a precise formula set manipulation pesos, stacks, temperature, guidelines and volume. If our shipments are managed like any other, if not ask us instructions, we can detect a service not think of customization, or our customers. We can not give up these advantages.


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