Our origin is our present and future

01 November 2014 | News Transambiental
On November 23, Transambiental attended the fair Retro Lleida a very significant yet, within a historical and emotional context.
Lleida Retro is a show where the collectors, dealers classic and antique vehicles and spare parts distributors such transport in order to show, sell or buy pieces of great historical value. With more than thirty cars and motorcycles of brands, models and different eras are presented each year in Lleida Retro, an open motor enthusiasts and history event.

Without hesitating a moment, des Transabmiental, decided to put our two cents on this fair exhibiting a classic truck. A vehicle with many kilometers under his belt and some stories to tell.

It is neither more nor less than a Pegaso 2020 1968, a relic, which was also the first truck with the father of Xavier, Director General of Transambiental, began his first steps in the transport sector 70s An emblem for the family and the company, that somehow wanted to exhibit at this event, a piece of history for lovers of these "coaches".

That is why, on this 8th edition of Lleida Retro more cars, we have encountered has been a source that takes us where we are today. A small truck to a fleet of a local project to a large international company and above all a family to a special team that continues to manage each step of our path as if it were the day they took our Pegaso Europe.
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