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01 September 2014 | News of interest haulage road

One of the key factors in road transport is security, load, the driver and the vehicle's own route. But what about when you have to stop the transport for the night or just for regulatory stops?


Many Spaniards parking trucks on routes frecuentadísimas French motorways are ideal places to stop, but few, very few, they are to rest and forget about security.

In France, of the more than five thousand authorized areas as truck stops, only ten areas are certified by the Esporg, the management of European ZAPV areas, and as truly safe areas.

Differences? Advantages? Closed-circuit surveillance and physical security, parking and maneuvering surfaces with ease, parking lighting, specialized mechanical services 24 hours, catering and toilet all times or different roadside assistance benefits.

By Spanish truck routes, this is the French top ten parking areas for large transport on wheels that offer greater security on French soil.

Since the departure from Perpignan:

-Truck Etape Béziers, on the A9 highway near the town of Vendres, just before you get to Beziers.
Area -ASF Lunel, Montpellier past, also in the A9 (E80 / E15) near Saturargues.
Est Montelimar -ASF Area, on the A7 / E15, Allan, on the outskirts of Montelimar and Valence route.
-ASF Communay South Area, on the A46 motorway (E15), just outside the city of Lyon.
-Parkplus Langres, E17, coming from the same southern route from Spain to the outskirts of Langres, in St. Apollinaire.

From the border of Irun:

-ASF Labenne, on the A63 motorway, past the city of Bayonne.
-The Creche Security Park, next to the eponymous village, on the A10 motorway, past Niort in the path of Nantes and Bordeaux already far behind.

On the coast of the English Channel:

-Calais Sas, near Calais, on the A16 motorway, exit 48.

Around Paris:

-Parkplus Mellun, northwest of the capital, in the town of Mellun
-Sanef Vemars Secure Truck Park. In the north of Paris, on the A1 (E19) motorway.

Esporg keeps your database secure parking areas for trucks in Europe through periodic assessments and controls, so new locations will be added in subsequent editions, other after improving, and hope also to see them fall of the ready for not maintaining the exceptional conditions for which they were elected.

And finally it is noted that in Spain, the problem of insecurity stops on the way also exists; more than 600 kilometers from Madrid to Barcelona, ??between Bilbao and Zaragoza or on the route of Andalusia are the main sources of attacks on trucks, criminals acting normally coordinated with informants accomplices from the origin of the goods thus they ensure address the content is most interesting, small items of high economic value.
We will write a post for later, to talk better about it, if you know some data that help us to clarify doubts, share it, we will be listening.

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