The government wants to end the mailbox transport companies

27 June 2016 | News of interest haulage road
Up to 10x it is what you can expect to pay Spanish transport companies compared with the same features but installed in a country of Eastern Europe. Hence the proliferation of "mailbox companies", which are those that do not carry out any economic activity in the country established but its reason is the tax and labor rebates same. Because of the concern of the sector, the Government announced that it would get to work on the matter. Now need to know what will happen to the recent election results.

The mailbox companies are often those who, despite their economic activity in Western countries decide to place their headquarters in a country in Eastern Europe to benefit from better conditions in fiscal and labor policy. The increase of these, especially in the transport of goods by road, is undoubtedly one of the most serious problems in the sector, since it is based on unfair competition and causes the Spanish businessman installed in Spain is in a situation of disadvantage compared to Spanish entrepreneur who has settled in another country in Eastern Europe.

The Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Public Works qualified the measure being prepared by the government as "a bombshell" but did not specify further details or say when it would begin to apply. Some sources, however, and suggest that the measure will stay in a single draft rules will not serve to curb the phenomenon.

Concern reached the European Parliament where and British MEP Brian Simpson, denounced the proliferation of letterbox companies and the limited effectiveness of the measure introduced by the regulation intended to combat the increase in letterbox companies designing requirements to put them more barriers when delocalized. More compelling was the Environment Commissioner, Janez Potocnik Slovenian politician, who said that the mailbox companies should not exist and that if if was, should disappear. From Directorate General of Transport and Mobility of the European Commission committed to collaboration between the various EU member states to curb the phenomenon.

Anyway, it must end the practice of unfair competition and end the letterbox companies, which in many cases do not reach or even to buy vehicles in the country of residence.

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