The megacamión is already approved in Spain

04 February 2016 | News of interest haulage road

Spain has welcomed euromodular transport vehicles, ie those known as megacamiones. This is des last December 24, 2015, when the regulation was published in the Official Gazette. In this sense it is the Traffic Department who stipulated in the Draft Technical Instruction, conditions and aspects to be met for such a vehicle can acquire a permit for movement. Recall that this project does not apply to the regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country.

The megacamiones who want to travel on Spanish territory must prove compliance with all aspects. Once this happened, the Traffic Department issued a special permit Circulation. It should be noted, however, that these regulations could be modified in the future taking into account the experimental nature of the megacamiones in our country.

Megacamiones generally can not exceed 80km / h, either on highways, motorways and ordinary roads. However, there will be limitations to overtaking on those freeways, although the will for conventional one lane in each direction, where you can not overtake vehicles to be more than 45km / h. thus lose the battle against the dumpers, who wanted to equate speed limits with the megacamión. In terms of weight, may not exceed 60 total tons, nor in their individual weight modules, the measures set out in the General Regulation. Finally, if at first were thought to be used in long distances to justify its circulation in the end it was decided to remove the requirement to make a journey of more than 150km.

As for the technical characteristics we talked about:

  • Mirrors. They must have mirrors and blind spot detectors.
  • Warning systems. For lane departure for collision warning
  • Suspension. They must have air suspension systems throughout the vehicle.
  • Brakes. It is mandatory to keep a system Brake Assist emergency and other autonomous.
  • Vehicle stability. It will be controlled to alert the driver.
  • Luminosity. Indicative of long vehicle, reflective signage silhouette vehicle and two light at the ends of rotating back megacamión.

Once obtained the authorization to travel, drivers must communicate, once the trip is completed and no more than seven days, the DGT, each of the trips made ??to date started and finished, the route and distance.

How about the megacamiones legally circulate around Spain?

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