Transambiental attended the Salon Pollutec 2014

05 January 2015 | News Transambiental

Last month, from 2 to 5 December 2014, held in the French city of Lyon the most important fair in Europe dedicated to the environment, sustainable development and renewable energy.

Transambiental, not surprisingly, did not want to miss this great opportunity to dig a little bit more about the preservation of the world attended the event. An event which brought together the best professionals and companies involved in the sector, offering a wide range of latest developments, innovations and / or breakthroughs.


The Pollutec show has become a must, both for the innovations that it can be seen as important contacts that can be set, which is why it is always transcendental to companies like us to be part of such events.

This year the Pollutec show has had more than 100,000m² of exhibition, 65,000 visitors, 2,300 exhibitors and 400 conferences. It also presented 200 innovations and event highlights, through a comprehensive approach, solutions to respond to three major challenges are:

-the Sustainable urban development
-The Profitable and responsible industrial production
-the Sustainable development in hospital

However, the African continent has been very important because in this edition of the fair has been said about its future potential. A space dedicated to promote contacts with the representatives of an emerging continent with many expectations and three major aspects: Identify current and future projects, finding the right financing for their development and meet the African delegates to discuss with experts about challenges the continent. In a way a way to consolidate the Euro-African connection for the progress of the neighboring continent.

Certainly a great opportunity to move forward on environmental responsibility and grow slowly in the field of "green economy".

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