Transambiental part in the Paris World Efficency

30 October 2015 | News Transambiental

The Versailles exhibition center in Paris hosted from 13 to 15 October the first edition of World Efficency . The event, which is a combination of classroom and conference aims companies whose business is related to the environment, with institutions. Transambiental was also present to reaffirm their commitment to this sector and assist in the fight against climate change.

More than 300 companies in the sector attended the World Efficency from some 60 countries in Africa, Asia, South America, the United States, Canada and Europe. During the event they were offered about 150 lectures divided into the following topics: Agriculture and food; Building and management; Water management; Industry of the future; Energy production; Production, materials and supplies and transportation and mobility. The aim is that the problem of resources and climate of a cross shape is addressed. In this regard, the World Efficency has been created to make an assessment of the various economic models and political environment to an issue that is becoming increasingly the order of the day: climate change.

It is not surprising therefore that the organizer of this event Pollutec , the most important biannual fair environment in Europe that is also celebrated in France, here in Lyon, which is themed as recycling, recovery of products The impact of the human footprint, etc.

As for the part of the room is concerned, the Commercial Director of World Efficency, Stéphanie Gay-Torrente said in an interview prior to the conclusion of the event the exhibition will have several spaces devoted to projects and solutions for the southern hemisphere plus one for the overseas territories that encompass projects and responsible for several countries (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, Gabon, Thailand or Malaysia). In the same vein, he said that "this initiative aims to provide solutions adapted to the specific problems of different territories, from Abidjan, Kuala Lumpur, Rio or Paris to New York. That is, solutions tailored to available resources, to the specific characteristics of the climate, the different levels of economic development and the various forms of government of the regions around the world. "

As freight company and hazardous wastes, Transambiental warmly welcomes the conclusion of this event, which is to do a pooling on a single subject but discussed from different points of view, from a cross-sectional view taking into account the different economic actors, to finally move concerns the institutions.

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