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07 July 2016 | News Transambiental

Different sectors related to the world of biogas met on 8 and 9 July in the city of Strasbourg in France. The reason was the celebration of Expobiogaz , the show dedicated to the biogas industry, with an increasingly widespread use. Up to a total of 181 companies and brands had the opportunity to be in the Exhibition Park Strasbourg to exchange ideas, show recent projects to visitors and, ultimately, establish synergies between them. Transambiental, again, not missed an appointment .

Dedicated to the professional sector, Expobiogaz managed to organize more than 320 meetings between exhibitors, visitors and partners, a new service of the event which we value highly as it is designed to create and / or strengthen trade relations. In this sense, Transambiental we turn to some of the conferences organized within the same enclosure.

In this fifth year of publication, but first in the city of Strasbourg for its proximity and potential for the use of biogas, the consolidation of this sector is confirmed, an increase of 45% in number of exhibitors and 15% by volume visitors. In addition, both profiles have gone a step further in quality thereof. In this sense, it was evident the passage through the hall sectors such as agriculture and animal husbandry, public institutions, industry, brands dedicated to the treatment of water and waste, equipment biogas and related technicians and those who bet on the biomethane as fuel. In this sense, an increase of 21% of visitors from the agricultural world, 45% for the retail industry and 34% in the water treatment and waste was recorded. They came from 10 different European countries and 45% of them was the first time attending the event.

Since Transambiental we had the opportunity to visit several customers who were present in the room and we could see how the application of biogas generated from organic waste such as automotive gas, is increasingly widespread. We are confident that biogas is the alternative fuel of the future in the transport sector. On the other hand, we see vital holding such events that do nothing but bring together the various actors in the chain of production, distribution and sales to reach trade agreements advantageous to all.

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