Transportation remains the most outsourced logistics activity

28 April 2016 | News of interest haulage road

Transportation emerges stronger after the publication of the seventh Logistics Circle Barometer for this year SIL 2016. It demonstrates once again that logistics managers prefer to outsource transport services and specifically make 4.4% more than last year. The values ??more into account when doing so are quality -with 79.7% - -61.4% savings - and flexibility of supplier -52.5% -. This study was conducted with the cooperation of 807 Spanish logistics directors from different sectors of industry.

Almost 100% of the directors interviewed said that subcontract transportation services your company. And this trend is on the rise. Specifically, they are reaching 96.6% of the total, a figure that becomes the highest percentage in the seven editions of the Barometer Logistics Circle.

What they worry these Spanish logistics directors? For the service and quality with 20.6%, followed by efficiency and cost optimization and stocks with 18.5%. One of the values ??is increasing are the costs (17.9%), a concern that has increased by 2.4% compared to 2015 and 5.3% compared to 2014. The follow closely the speed, punctuality and commitment to 14.6%. And with lower percentages are communication and information (7%), planning (5.7%), innovation (4.1%) and sustainability (3.1%).

As an important characteristic we might note the commitment of loaders companies with sustainable criteria, a factor that also seems to be marked by an upward trend. And it is that 95.8% of these ensures invest in sustainable criteria. Indeed, 42.1% of logistics managers states invest heavily in sustainable criteria, a figure from the previous study increased by 3.1%. In this sense, the real estate sector and construction are the most sustainability - conscious, and that 70.1% of them says to invest a lot in this value. Finally, the sector invests less in sustainability is the automotive industry: 16.6% of its directors ensures not invest anything in sustainability.

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