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08 September 2016 | News Transambiental

"Hydrogen is the technology of the century". So of course it has the general director of Industry, SMEs, Commerce and Handicrafts, Government of Aragon, Fernando Fernandez. ...

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07 July 2016 | News Transambiental

Different sectors related to the world of biogas met on 8 and 9 July in the city of Strasbourg in France....

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09 June 2016 | News Transambiental

More than 3,000 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries around the world attended the IFAT trade fair held in Munich, Germany, from May 30 to June 3....

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18 February 2016 | News Transambiental

Transambiental has added to its services transport waste by tight tub. It does so by acquiring 3 trailer vehicles sealed bath,...

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08 January 2016 | News Transambiental

Again, Transambiental and commitment to the environment has been present in another international conference focused on waste management and how they...

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03 December 2015 | News Transambiental

Recycle 70% of paper, plastic, glass and metals present in municipal solid waste by 2030; get 80% of all packaging between 2025 and 2030 is recycled;...

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30 October 2015 | News Transambiental

The Versailles exhibition center in Paris hosted from 13 to 15 October the first edition of World Efficency ....

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06 August 2015 | News Transambiental

A transport company as Transambiental, with a large fleet of trucks, must be environmentally concienciada....

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06 March 2015 | News Transambiental

Today, March 6 Transambiental held no less than 20 years. For us it is an honor to convey with great pride, on this special day...

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05 January 2015 | News Transambiental

Last month, from 2 to 5 December 2014, held in the French city of Lyon the most important fair in Europe dedicated to the environment...

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19 November 2014 | News Transambiental

Earlier this month, Transambiental headed towards Rimini, to be present in one of the most important international fairs on environment...

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01 November 2014 | News Transambiental

On November 23, Transambiental attended the fair Retro Lleida a very significant yet, within a historical and emotional context....

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16 October 2014 | News Transambiental

Thanks to our vision and brand values, we've been nearly two years managing and consolidating a strong European market....

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29 September 2014 | News Transambiental

Let's talk about environmental responsibility. Of those who have, of those who may have, the matters on which rests this case...

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18 September 2014 | News Transambiental

Just a year and a half ago we set in position-Transambiental us in Europe as carrier of industrial waste...

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06 July 2014 | News Transambiental

Aware of the need to open new markets and consolidate marked targets from a few years ago for our brand...

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21 February 2014 | News Transambiental

In its effort to improve, Transambiental has done a renovation of its website, making it more attractive and functional....

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25 May 2013 | News Transambiental

Last October, we attended the congress Waste Meetings held in Lyon, where we could share experiences related to waste management and learn about the waste...

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