Transport services

"Transambiental is a transport company that in its eagerness to meet the needs of its customers, has a large fleet of vehicles allows its services with utmost professionalism and care. "

Xavier Consuegra, Manager Director of Transambiental

Dangerous residues

The most notable are the specialty of Transambiental transport of hazardous waste at the European level. We are experts in the transportation of dangerous industrial waste containing hazardous substances which give characteristics to either human health or the environment. We try and realize the transport of hazardous waste with the rigor required in the transport phase, certainly a matter to be treated with special care. Our services of transport of hazardous waste includes all those transport operations on public roads, including loading and unloading operations. Our services for the carriage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste transport encompass:

  • Transport solid waste

  • Liquid waste transport

  • Transport packaging waste

  • Bulk waste transport


"One of the most important aspects is Transambiental safety and licensing."

Xavier Consuegra, Manager Director of Transambiental

To offer a global service quality, we have authorization to shippingof hazardous waste issued by the Spanish administration. We also have this authorization in other European administrations require a separate permit to operate within its borders and thus to manage waste and inter-European transfers such as Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

For our waste transport service is one of the safest, all our vehicle drivers require special authorization and special training to avoid any accident and solve any unforeseen.

Dangerous goods (ADR)

Since Transambiental we also provide transportation of dangerous goods ADR throughout Europe. So we're perfectly formed.

We have the means necessary for the transport of dangerous goods by road, experts in all kinds of dangerous materials ADR with the following formats:

  • ADR dangerous goods in solid state

  • Dangerous goods ADR liquid

  • Packaged dangerous goods ADR

  • Bulk waste transport

*Except for dangerous goods of type 1 and 7.


"All our fleet of vehicles complies with current regulations transport ADR (European Agreement for the transport of Dangerous Goods)."

Xavier Consuegra, Manager Director of Transambiental

General merchandise

We offer the transport of general merchandise in Spain and Europe. In Transambiental we are prepared to perform this service for road transport in the following formats: dangerous goods in solid state.

  • Palletized goods

  • Liquid goods

  • Bulk commodity



Proper logistics service means for our customers an extra very important and valued supplement, especially for those who require a platform of regulating goods for distribution in Europe.

In our logistics base we have 1,200 m2 of warehouses to store goods and the means to perform all loading and unloading trucks.

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