Basotec foam or silence of mechanics

Basotec foam or silence of mechanics

22 of July of 2014

Perhaps the final silencer has arrived - or the most effective so far known - to manage noise of engines and machinery. This is the foam, known as Basotec, a product developed by the company BASF, made from melamine resin and is called to be the big noise suppressor in the near future.


What is this compound? It is a melamine foam, fireproof and light weight, which has high rates of sound insulation, making it an ideal material to create conditions quietest in passenger travel, transport of dangerous goods or trams, among others. Its weight is lighter than glass or mineral wool and its heat resistance is able to withstand the most incandescent motor. And not only that: it is also beginning to be used as raw material to develop security systems in maritime transport carrying liquefied gas. Before the tankers could only sail empty or completely filled, to avoid the risk of agitation against the liquefied gas in the fuel tank, which in severe cases could come to send the ship foundered.

Basotec foam, acting as if it were a buoy. Courtesy of Worm

Now, the company developing this material, BASF, together with Korean Samsung Heavy Industries, have developed a new evolution of this foam, which placed within vessels, acts like a large buoy it were, providing instability wreck and increasing so greatly, safety.

But for now, its most popular use is between road vehicles. Turkish company buses, Otokar, for example, is already making great use of this compound in its entire line engines, which will mean the presence of the foam in the main transport of this Mediterranean country.

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