Changes in regulation of the labeling of hazardous waste

Changes in regulation of the labeling of hazardous waste

01 of July of 2015

In Transambiental we are experts in the transportation of all types of hazardous waste and we are very attentive to regulatory changes affecting us and our customers. In this case it is the labeling regulation of this type of waste, and whose changes are effective from June 1 and refer not only the labeling but also the coding of waste. They say that all the changes are for the better, to see if it's true, right?


Thus, the labeling will be as follows:

1. The labeling must be clear, legible and that can not be erased.

2. The label shall contain:

2.1. The identification code containing waste.

2.2. Information of the owner of the waste. 


2.3. Dates packaging

2.4. Risks posed by waste. For this standard pictograms on a white background will be used.


3. Variations in the pictograms and placing them when combined with others. We will have to review the legislation.

4. The label size should be 10x10cm, it shall be placed permanently on the packaging if necessary aning previous labels that could lead to confusion.

5. When the package exists on the information listed in paragraph 2 A label is not required.


Moreover, as for the sorting of waste, the main changes affected:

1. How are defined and called the hazardous characteristics. At this point, it will be identified with the letter rather than the HP H, and the description and allocation of some features is modified.

2. How dangerous waste and their characteristics are specified. This refers to the LER list. If the product is listed on the list with an asterisk (*) will be hazardous waste and if no asterisk will not be dangerous. It sounds easy. There may also be cases in which they are listed with and without asterisk, if we are so complicated a little work because they have to determine the hazardous characteristics by means of steps described in the regulations.

For more information we leave the regulations governing the classification of waste as hazardous from June 1, 2015


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