France and Belgium amended the rules rest carrier

France and Belgium amended the rules rest carrier

15 of October of 2015

If you are a carrier and you get to go through France or Belgium you should know this information. As you know, the European Commission is responsible for establishing Community rules applicable to all countries of the European Union's freight organ. In this sense, there is a law that regulates weekly rest that carriers must carry out in order to comply with the law.

Well, France and Belgium have decided to unilaterally implement a policy that is still unclear if different or simply complementary to the existing provision in EU countries. And it refers, as we announced, to weekly breaks. In this way, drivers in the transport sector are required to perform their weekly rest outside the cab. In that territory, then, it would be prohibited practice to park your vehicle in a service area to carry out the break in the truck.

The European Commission is in the process of assessing whether that legislation could be complemented by the already enacted in European territory, whether it should be modified or whether France and Belgium are incompatible and therefore should be repealed. In any case, the European body said to be in favor of anything related to the improvement of working conditions of carriers but that the measures taken by both countries should be effective, proportionate and non-discriminatory. And it is that what if such regulation is not met? Penalties can range from economic sanctions fines up to imprisonment. Given the extent, therefore, the resolution of the European Commission should come as soon as possible.

The question that arises is how it is found that the carrier is conducting his weekly rest and not an accumulation of daily breaks? It is complex and managers to enforce such legislation say it themselves.

The other big question is where have to rest the carrier and who bears the costs? It points to a lack of infrastructure or even prepared business to satisfy the public seeking mandatory rest from work without having to assume a financial burden important.

Weekly Rest collecting Spanish Ministry of Development points to a minimum of 45 hours for a regular weekly rest period and one of less than 45h up to 24h for a period of reduced weekly rest.

For more information on the legislation affecting to Spain, you can click here .

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