International transport grows with the Spanish exports

International transport grows with the Spanish exports

17 of September of 2015

The sector of the Spanish haulage road has proven its weight in international transport. The latest study suggests that exports held our country during the second quarter of 2015 totaled 9.8 million tons. Is not bad, is not it? Especially when you consider that the total tonnage which added international transport came to 19.93 million tons, representing an increase of 14.9% over the same period last year.

But in terms of volume of domestic goods not we fall short. From April to June 2015 we reached Spanish territory by transporting over 320 million tons, ie almost 5% over the same period last year. As for content, which were transported more goods belonging to the group Crude and manufactured minerals and building materials, followed distantly by machines vehicles, manufactured goods and special transactions and food and feed products. 

If we talk about the national turnover of road transport we have to look at 2014. These data point to an increase of 3.8% over the previous year, representing no less than 13,440 million euros. However, as pointed reporters the president of the National Committee of Road Transport, Ovidio de la Roza, that sales growth is not reflected in the number of companies involved in the sector, which have fallen in the past year 2.9% to reach close to 99,130 ??companies. It also regrets that the number of authorizations, ie licensed trucks, and also has increased the figure points to 291,750, down 5.3%. 

By region, the study notes that most of them recorded positive data. However are Cantabria, La Rioja and Navarra which do more difference. Cantabrian came to move almost 9 million tons by road, a considerable increase of 27.43%. To a lesser extent did La Rioja, with 4.62 million tonnes and an increase of 16.7%. Finally, the autonomous community Navarra was the highest growth with an increase of nearly 54%, representing a total of 13.67 million tons. 

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