Overpacks designation of safe origin

Overpacks designation of safe origin

08 of August of 2014

In line with our experience and knowledge in the logistics sector in all areas, today we dare to overpacks in air transport; every day thousands of packages containing dangerous goods travel around the world on all modes of transport imaginable. His condition requires dangerous goods makers to adapt to shipments packed and handling regulations as strict as specific.



Let's review some of the most common questions among those who have the obligation to transport dangerous goods by air.

Let's start with the concept of overpack (overpack) closely related to the transport of dangerous goods. According to the regulations of the IATA Dangerous Goods a sobrembalaje is a container, an external packaging, capable of holding one or more packages with which facilitate handling and stowage. In this regard, the sobrembalaje can be considered as a single package for the purpose of handling in transport, but, as discussed, not in terms of content.

The overpack must be marked and clearly labeled according to the provisions of the regulation of dangerous goods for air transport. The overpack must collect every one of the identification labels of items that are hazardous materials that are inside.

If the special dimensions of the overpack so require, any mandatory labels and identifying marks should be visible on two opposite sides of the overpack.

Depending on the applicable rules of transport (eg those of the IMO-IMDG, ICAO-IATA-DGR ADR or the 49-CFR codes), the required marks and labels may include the number or numbers of order, forwarding number or numbers, appropriate orientation arrows, marks stacking limited danger labels (primary and secondary, if applicable) for each package of dangerous goods contained in the overpack.

They must also include information that will help the work of handling and safe transport.

Of course, to distinguish the container warehouse is an overpack (overpack) has added a label with the specific name, usually in English, international transport, which allows to recognize the fragmented nature of its contents not visible.

But what are the advantages of this type of marking on the overpack?

The first and obvious is to follow the law. In line with the air carrier liability and safety of the transportation and the rest of the load.

Beyond this, the correct labeling of overpacks allows identification at first sight of dangerous goods for logistics operators. On the other hand, it serves to protect the merchandise from harm, for that airport handlers know how to proceed with its special content.

In a more practical sense, the overpack prevents any leak or release of the package contents while it is a double and safe packaging.

However, not enough to package and label, dangerous goods, must be implemented cares about the packages, make a comprehensive monitoring to minimize or prevent injury.

Thus, it should be noted that:

No incompatibilities have storage of dangerous goods. 
No damage in connection with the handling: sharp objects, pushing pallets with forklifts extensions ... 
-The Safe storage for temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc.

Air transport of dangerous goods is a shared responsibility that begins with professional logistics specialist who does his work with dedication and competent experience.

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