Rules for dangerous goods transport safe and efficient

Rules for dangerous goods transport safe and efficient

18 of February of 2015

Volume of dangerous goods and transportable by road in trucks and articulated vehicles are substances or objects that generate risks for carriers, for whom handling, but also for the ways in which circulates, the environment, property and outsiders transport into circulation.


Any regulations on the transport of dangerous goods has as its main aim to reduce all potential risks. These relations standards at European level, international, professional, classified according to the properties of the goods, all techniques, but many arguments of simple common sense.

Let's look at a few lines on what conditions must make the transport of dangerous goods. Those requirements that are common to all rules:

- Tanks and containers Designs tanks and containers of hazardous materials must be approved for the specific goods being transported.. Models are certified, evaluated, reviewed and approved by a competent authority.

- Immediate responsibility of drivers vehicles that move these products can not carry passengers.. Drivers can not open the cargo, unless expressly authorized to do so is taken. Professional transport must likewise use the brands, and, where appropriate, signal lights available to each regulation for each type of hazardous cargo: explosives, flammable liquids or gases ...

- Extra flags hand equipment Drivers for these goods have to carry on board wheel chocks, and reflective vests, eye protection, breathing apparatus and gloves, if applicable, for each team member. You need to be able to go aboard the transport. Fire extinguishers in the number and location marking regulations, normally for each hazardous agent.

- Knowledge Drivers must be certified with a course or module with which it has been trained to the level of risk of the load and transport the formula required for movement..

- Documentation of the transport vehicle Vehicles carrying dangerous goods must be certified operator offers the details of goods transported and a series of instructions in writing-about-always the route to be followed, the basic details. the risks, the ratio of installed onboard for emergency situations likely and protocol for each equipment.

- Specialists safety of dangerous goods Each actor involved in transport, packing, loading, stowage and unloading of dangerous goods by road must have passed the necessary examinations to be accredited as security specialist dangerous goods..

This accreditation has a variable validity, in our environment is five years and it is necessary to qualify reconsidered again in order to extend the authorization for the same period.

- Exceptions European and international regulations and differentiated offer a long list of exceptions to the general rules of safety.. Some, referring to the documentary obligations, other, technical or training requirements.

Among them, you can authorize the transport empty and clean containers are exempted from restrictions in emergency operations to transport materials from the list of potentially hazardous or risky goods in very small quantities.

Seen all this, we could say that the rules of the transport of dangerous goods by road are read with the own competence for professional driving and are written to the letter with his application route.

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