Tires: key element in saving fuel

Tires: key element in saving fuel

03 of September of 2015

Tires are one of the factors that contribute to reducing fuel consumption in transport operations of a truck and, by extension, that of a fleet. So much so that fuel costs can represent up to 30% of the economic costs of a company dedicated to transport. Seen this way, you better pay attention, do not you think?

Since Transambiental we explain some specific tasks that reduce fuel costs for that you have in mind. 

I -Recauchutado. You can assess whether you compensate a worn tire retreading instead of buying a new one. A rubberized cover can extend the life of the wheel between 100,000 and 200,000 kilometers or more, depending on usage. 

Remember that a tire can be retreaded truck with spending 35% or 40% of that would cost a new tire. You can also negotiate prices retreaded volume that can bring down the unit cost further recomposed. 

-Alignment. Regular monitoring of the alignment of the tires will provide a driving with less fuel consumption. A wheel that is not properly aligned, uneven wear and increase will be a drag and contrary to the flow of driving. 

A tire 'twisted' with a bad angle of attack also force the engine to make an effort that will accumulate about drinking liters and liters of diesel extras. Pay attention to how the tread is worn, especially after a heavy and complicated transport or if the truck was towed. 

Tip: Take advantage of the workshop to seek input on an analysis of the lineup. Or if you have a service reviews, to assure that the alignments are included throughout. 

-Llantas Paired. Assure that all tires are paired on the same wear pattern and have the same technical characteristics in the same positions. This will help to homogenize the control tire wear, and in practice of driving, to reduce vibrations to be detected in the cabin on the wheel. 

-Surveillance Valve. Each valve of each tire must have its screw cap. Driving on firm surfaces unconditioned, as access to works or construction sites can cause deviations of those precious locks. And with them, unnoticed losses of air that can no longer compromise the consumption but the same security and load balancing. 

Air-Control. It is not worth remembering the importance of proper tire pressure and not over inflation. The results can be increases fuel consumption and tire wear unacceptable. 

-Medidores Pressure pocket. A very useful advice? Traveling with a pressure gauge pocket and with a healthy habit that pressure control before starting a ride. 

Happy journey. 

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