Transambiental now offers the transport of waste in cockpit sealed

Transambiental now offers the transport of waste in cockpit sealed

18 of February of 2016

Transambiental has added to its services transport waste by tight tub. It does so by acquiring 3 trailer vehicles sealed bath, allowing the load of bulk solid, pasty and subject to contain fluid state. Such vehicles are mainly for domestic and international transport of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that are susceptible to a spill of fluids or which by its content, materials containing olfactory pollutants that can affect the health of the population.

3 bath sealed trailer vehicles have a capacity of 80 m3 and 25 tons of payload to transport the most demanding waste with maximum ease and confidence. These vehicles keep the contents inside the container cargo through security locks remote opening by a pneumatic actuator and a rubber gasket attached to the inside of the door. With this system there is no leakage or odor.

Regarding transport of goods, whether or not dangerous, safety is paramount and in this case the latest technology is at your service. The bathtub trailer stake have frontline systems such as the ABS, EBS roll, automatic control system of air suspension at the time of the elevation of the tilting or height adjustable rear foot to ensure stability at the time lift to tilt.


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