Transambiental obtained certification for waste transport in Germany.

Transambiental obtained certification for waste transport in Germany.

06 of July of 2014

Aware of the need to open new markets and consolidate marked targets from a few years ago for our brand in Transambiental we meet the challenge to position ourselves as one of the few Spanish companies with the capacity to transport waste of any kind in Europe, fruit this necessity, we already have authorization to transport waste issued by the Spanish administration, we add the homonymous authorization of other European governments such as Italy, Portugal or Sweden ago.

In this way recently, and after endorsing our technical and professional judgment ability, we have gained valuable and requested authorization for the transport by the administration of Germany, authorization from the Bezirksregierung Arnsberg, official agency of the German nation on environment, waste and environmental health. 
This authorization enables us to carry out the transportation of any type of waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) to and from Germany, and also for transport of such waste through German territory, certainly an important step to tackle our objectives operational and service to our current and future customers. 

With absolute firmness we can say that Transambiental is one of the few Spanish companies that have this authorization in Germany, this gives us added value in terms of business in Southern Europe on a bridge strategic location between the European southwest and central continent. 

This step is thus a link in the Transambiental consolidation in the panorama of evolution of European business leaders in our sector in terms of expertise, professionalism and judgment; virtues that every day we are adding to our core values ??provide a personalized service with maximum flexibility and empathy and closeness to our customers, which include companies of high level of demand as DSM Sinochem PHARMA, BUDENHEIM SETNA Iberian or nutrition, among other. 
The challenge is high and the road to excellence and continued availability on our part.

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