Transport recorded a positive 3rd quarter that could continue until the end of the year.

Transport recorded a positive 3rd quarter that could continue until the end of the year.

12 of November of 2015

The transport sector can be satisfied by the almost perfect balance between charges and European trucks. And it is that during the third quarter of 2015, ie during the months of July, August and September, truck loading and almost perfect relationship has been approaching 50% and 50%. The experts, due to the holiday period accustomed to having implications for this balance, predicted a slight decompensation but fortunately it did not.

Since 2011 not a similar situation that occurred during the month of July, the most feared as the most carriers have vacation is happening. Loads slightly exceeded the ratio of trucks, although the line was very thin (51% versus 49%). Overall, third quarter data showed a 50.2% load and 49.8% of trucks in the European market, a relationship that borders on the ideal.

But August did not touched this perfection, but we must not complain. The figures charges were very similar to the same period the previous year, when they fell off slightly reaching 45% compared to 55% of trucks, a trend that, according to experts, appears to be within normal considering the positive figures July.

Then he came September with surprises. It was expected that the trend will continue August, with an imbalance which left loads below the truck fleet in Europe. But it was not like they were up 4 points and they will reverse the figures of August: 55% (load) and 45% (trucks).

The result of all that has been diagnosed in the third quarter could call provisionally positive, with a small surplus of charges. What is cause for celebration is the record of two consecutive quarters of surplus, a fact that did not occur for 2 years. And we continue to meet records.

The most exciting part is the prediction: will we have a 4th quarter than truck loads are we returning to more stable growth figures to be seen?. Currently the experts are positive in their forecasts and point to a November similar to July. As for December, hopefully this trend will continue.

Note that this 2015 has achieved a significant increase in freight and vehicle offers that could point to a growth sector.


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