The European Truck Platooning shows that the semi-autonomous driving functions

The European Truck Platooning shows that the semi-autonomous driving functions

14 of April of 2016

We talked about it late last year and we capture in the article The truck of the future step asks . Months later we stand before the success of the European Truck Platooning , an experiment that has led truck 6 teams from their respective headquarters to Rotterdam, using most of the time, a semiautomatic driving. 

Caravans two or more consecutive trucks near formed, where the objective was to check on the one hand the efficiency and effectiveness of the semi - automatic driving and, on the other, reduce drag assembly of vehicles and therefore reduce emissions CO2 and fuel consumption. So, this challenge aims to obtain permission from governments to conduct more experiments like this and get the introduction of automatic truck. Experts say that this new system would provide advantages in fuel consumption, emissions, safety and traffic fluidity.

Almost 2,000 kilometers is the distance that corresponded to go Scania group, which came from Sodertalje -Estocolmo- and crossed Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland. Volvo, Daimler, MAN, IVECO and DAF were the other partner brands. The vehicles were connected by radar, cameras or GPS, among other technologies among which was created a Wi-Fi for the automotive industry and allowed them to different trucks communicate with each other.

The conduction system that was used is called platooning . It is a form of automated driving where trucks circulate very attached and keeping touch with the technology installed specifically for this purpose. According to studies, this system would save fuel and be safer for circulation as vehicles would be monitored.

It remains to be seen now what are the next steps. So far we know that truck fleets can only use the platooning with his vehicles are due to differences in manufacturing and also the rules and regulations implemented by each country of the European Union.

Whatever the case, the European Truck Platooning is a call to cross - border cooperation in Europe for policy makers of the European Union to put this issue on their political agendas. How much is left for the fully automatic truck driving to see them on the roads? So far we do not know, but if you see a convoy of trucks circulating stuck at the same speed, suspicion.


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